BOOK A TIGER’s Privacy Statement

BOOK A TIGER Netherlands B.V. takes your privacy very seriously and will process and use your information securely. In order to guarantee your privacy, BOOK A TIGER always acts in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. You will find BOOK A TIGER’s Privacy Statement below. We advise you to read the Privacy Statement carefully. The Dutch Data Protection Authority has been notified of how BOOK A TIGER makes use of personal data.

1. What is BOOK A TIGER?

BOOK A TIGER is an online service and mobile application of BOOK A TIGER Netherlands B.V. (hereinafter “BOOK A TIGER”), with its office in (1017 XD) Amsterdam, at Weteringschans 165 (Chamber of Commerce number 64492176). BOOK A TIGER offers an online platform where private and business users can look for a committed cleaner for the cleaning services they have indicated.

2. What information does BOOK A TIGER collect and process?


If you want to find a cleaner via BOOK A TIGER, you need to book an appointment (online). To make an appointment, you need to enter certain information: your name, address (postcode, street and house number), email address, telephone number and also your payment details (IBAN number and name of account holder).

BOOK A TIGER keeps a record of how often you book and which cleaners you have hired.


If you want to apply to BOOK A TIGER as a cleaner, you need to enter certain information: your first and last name, email address, telephone number, address (postcode, street and house number), your current occupational status, what languages you speak, information on your visa and work permit and whether or not you are an EU citizen.

Links to Social Media

You can “like” and “follow” BOOK A TIGER on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Xing. If you do, you give BOOK A TIGER access to the name (ID) of your Facebook account.

The general terms and conditions and the privacy policy of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Xing apply to these services. BOOK A TIGER has no influence on them and cannot guarantee that they will handle your personal details correctly.

Automatically generated information

To ensure that BOOK A TIGER works in the best way possible (for example, in order to display our website/our application properly and to keep them secure), BOOK A TIGER needs certain information. BOOK A TIGER therefore collects automatically generated information on your use of BOOK A TIGER.

This information consists of your IP address (your computer has an IP address by which it can be recognised), the type of browser (the computer program you use to view internet pages), your operating system, the pages you visit at BOOK A TIGER and "cookies”. Whenever BOOK A TIGER uses this information, it is always anonymised.

2.1. OneSignal Partnership

Notwithstanding anything else in this policy, we may work with partners who use mobile SDKs, including the OneSignal Messaging SDK, to passively collect information (collectively, "SDK Information"), which generally helps us deliver personalized notifications. This data may also be used to identify you in a unique manner across other devices or browsers for the purposes of customizing ads or content. Depending on the permissions granted to this application, this information may include personally identifiable information (PII) including your e-mail address. This information may also include precise location (i.e. GPS-level data) or WiFi information, apps you have installed and enabled, and your mobile identifier (e.g., Android Advertising ID). Consumer Control & Opt-Out Options

a. Opting-out of OneSignal Push Notifications

You may in most cases opt out of receiving push notifications by going to your device "Settings" and clicking on "Notifications," and then changing those settings for some or all of the apps on your device. (Different device configurations, or updates to devices, may affect or change how these settings work.)

b. Opting Out of "Cross-App" Advertising on Mobile Devices

You can opt out of having your mobile advertising identifiers used for certain types of interest-based (also called "cross-app") mobile behavioral advertising, by accessing the "settings" on your Apple or Android mobile device, as follows: By opening the Google Settings app on your device, selecting Ads, and then selecting the option to opt-out of interest-based ads. (Different device configurations, or updates to devices, may affect or change how these settings work.)

3. Cookies

If you use BOOK A TIGER, cookies may be placed on your computer and access to these cookies may be obtained. This Cookie Statement describes the cookies which will be placed on your computer if you use BOOK A TIGER’s website or mobile app. We use cookies to make it easier for you to use our website and mobile app. A further explanation is given below of cookies, the purposes for which they are used, and how you, if you desire, can block them.

3.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny bits of information - text - sent by a server to the application or browser, and then stored by the browser on your computer’s hard disk. The idea is that the application or browser will send this information back the next time you visit that same server. Cookies from BOOK A TIGER cannot damage your computer or the files it contains.

3.2. Which cookies does BOOK A TIGER use and for which purposes?

Cookies from BOOK A TIGER

BOOK A TIGER uses several cookies which are essential for the site’s operation, for example, to be able to log in easily or book a cleaner.

When BOOK A TIGER is used, BOOK A TIGER’s own cookies (“first-party cookies”) are placed on your computer. Third parties are not involved in the placement or reading out of these first-party cookies. Only BOOK A TIGER has access to these cookies. The various first-party cookies used by BOOK A TIGER are summarised below.

First, BOOK A TIGER places technical cookies on your computer; these cookies are necessary for the service to be provided. BOOK A TIGER also works with “session cookies”. The information stored in these cookies does not include any names, addresses or other personal data besides your IP address, and the cookies are deleted as soon as you stop using BOOK A TIGER. With the help of these data, BOOK A TIGER can adjust the website to the needs of those visiting it.

BOOK A TIGER uses permanent cookies, too, for instance, to remember the preferences stated by you. Finally, BOOK A TIGER employs tracking cookies, to keep track of which sites you visit and to provide offers targeted to you. The resulting profile is not linked to your name, address, email address or the like, but is merely intended to gear advertisements to your profile, to make sure they are as relevant as possible to you.

Cookies from third parties

In addition to the cookies which BOOK A TIGER itself uses, cookies from third parties (“third-party cookies”) are placed on your computer/device via the website.

Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely and Piwik Analytics

To compile web statistics on the use of and visits to BOOK A TIGER, BOOK A TIGER makes use of Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely and Piwik Analytics. These services place permanent cookies on your computer/device, based on which your use of BOOK A TIGER is recorded. Such data are then analysed, and the results are disclosed to BOOK A TIGER. BOOK A TIGER thus gains insight into how the website is being used and can, based on the data, make any necessary adjustments to the website or application and optimise the way they operate. Google, Mixpanel, Optimizely and Piwik may disclose this information to third parties if they must do so by law and/or if third parties process the information for Google, Mixpanel, Optimizely or Piwik. We have no control over how these companies use the data. Please read the privacy statements by Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely and Piwik (which may change periodically) to find out what they do with your personal data which they process through these cookies.

Social plug-ins

Access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Xing is also offered via BOOK A TIGER. Through these “social plug-ins”, you can share articles on BOOK A TIGER with others. Third-party cookies are placed on your computer through social plug-ins. These may be cookies designed to optimise your user experience, although tracking cookies may also be placed on your computer to monitor your surfing behaviour across multiple websites and to create your surfing behaviour profile.

Advertising cookies

To serve up advertisements, a DoubleClick and Google Adwords cookie is employed. This cookie does not monitor surfing behaviour or personal information, but merely ensures that the same advertisements are not continually displayed. This is also referred to as a “frequency cap”. If you do not want this cookie, however, you can indicate this on the YourChoicesOnline website.

3.3. Cookie removal

You can set your browser so that you will not receive any cookies during your next visit to BOOK A TIGER. To learn more about these settings, you should look at your browser instructions or consult the Help function for your browser.

If you do not want your click behaviour to be monitored, you can download a browser plug-in from the Google website to prevent this. This setting will then apply to all the websites you visit, not just BOOK A TIGER. You can download the browser plug-in here.

Would you like to know which trackers and cookies a site uses for each site you visit? We recommend that you install the Ghostery add-on in that case.

4. How will BOOK A TIGER use information about you?

BOOK A TIGER will use information about you for the following purposes and in the following situations: to make it possible for you to use BOOK A TIGER;

  • to deal with and process your request (for example, we have to inform cleaners, get in touch with you about your request and process your payment);
  • to compile anonymised statistical data;
  • to send you offers that you may find interesting;
  • when you want to get in touch with our helpdesk;
  • to keep BOOK A TIGER secure, to make changes and to improve it;
  • to give information about you to third parties and/or to give third parties access to information about you if you have given permission for this, or because legislation and regulations require it.

BOOK A TIGER uses automatically generated data for statistical purposes as well as to keep BOOK A TIGER secure and to improve it. These data may be passed to third parties as long as they are completely anonymised and cannot be traced to you personally (no personal details).

Use by third parties

BOOK A TIGER will not provide your personal details to third parties for direct marketing purposes (for example, so that they can send you offers) without your explicit permission.

BOOK A TIGER can provide your details to third parties if it is a necessary aspect of a service offered by BOOK A TIGER. For instance, if you hire a cleaner via the platform, BOOK A TIGER will provide the necessary personal details about you to the cleaner.

BOOK A TIGER can also provide third parties with your details if they cannot be traced to you personally (as with automatically generated information). And it is also possible that BOOK A TIGER may provide your details to third parties if it is obliged to do so on the basis of legislation or regulations, if it is required to do so in a court case and/or if it considers it necessary in order to protect its own rights.

5. How does BOOK A TIGER protect your personal information?

BOOK A TIGER will take suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal details against loss and against any form of unlawful processing.

6. Inspecting, changing, improving or removing your details


If you want to see what details of yours BOOK A TIGER has recorded, or if you want to change them, you can contact us via . BOOK A TIGER will send you the requested information within 4 weeks.

Removing your details

You can ask BOOK A TIGER to remove your details by sending an e-mail to

7. Transfer to countries outside the EU

It may be necessary, for technical or operational reasons, to transfer your personal data to servers of companies affiliated with BOOK A TIGER and/or advertisers in the United States or other countries outside Europe, where legislation in relation to privacy protection may not offer the same protection as in the European Union. You hereby agree, to the extent necessary, to the transfer of your personal data to the United States or other countries outside Europe. Should it at any time be necessary for BOOK A TIGER to do so, you will always be informed of this in advance.

8. Can this Privacy Statement be changed?

This Privacy Statement can be changed. Any changes are made known via the BOOK A TIGER website.

9. Questions

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, you can get in touch with us via

July 4, 2016

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