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We are the market leading Digital Facility Services Company in Europe with more than 500 employees operating in 4 countries. We work in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams where you can find the exact challenge you were searching for.

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Tech philosophy

BOOK A TIGER is taking advantage of technology to build a solid business that is fully automized. Our platform does not only offer the chance to book and modify our services online it is also able to monitor and handle its manpower based on labor regulation of each country where it operates.

Achieving such a goal is then only possible through an exceptional tech team, a team of great individuals with very different backgrounds who - with their combined effort work as a compact and well-oiled unit.


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The key of our success is dead simple: We break down complex problems into very small pieces; easy to understand and easy to maintain - Simplicity.

Those iterations should be the smallest possible; easy to deploy; easy to roll-back and should be deployed as soon as possible to analyze their behaviour and value in the real environment - Speed.

All the code we develop is strictly related to our unique business field and we never re-invent the wheel, we prefer to use solid moduls than run our own implementations unless is strictly necessary - Modularity.


BOOK A TIGER was established in April 2014 in Berlin by Claude Ritter and Nikita Fahrenholz, well known entrepreneurs in Europe.

Our company was initially thought as a marketplace for household services specialized in cleaning but pivoted into a full Digital Facility Management Company with its own manpower providing specialized services for B2C and B2B customers.

Job openings

You are always welcome to drop us your CV at [email protected]

Tech stack

Our platform was started by us from scratch in 2014, which gave us the chance to choose any available technology with a clear target: To build the best, most advanced and versatile platform which can be operated inside any country in the world and can scale without restriction.

In order to be advanced and innovative we came up with a perfect combined solution: one of the most versatile technologies at the moment - NodeJS and: a powerful and well-established platform - Salesforce. All this spiced with consolidated providers such as: Heroku, Stripe, Braintree, Twilio, HERE ...

As a result we have a solid, scalable and unified architecture that enables us to create great value for our customers.

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Job openings

You are always welcome to drop us your CV at [email protected]