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Most people look for support from a household help because they don’t have the patience and / or time to clean their apartment themselves. A Forsa survey in 2015 showed that 49 percent of respondents didn’t have the time and 44 percent said they just didn’t feel like cleaning in their free time. A household help can be a real relief, especially for people with full-time jobs. When you leave cleaning the apartment to a professional, your weekends and evenings are free to spend doing better things. That’s a real increase in quality of life. As it happens, men make use of this help in the household a lot more frequently than women. Only four percent of women surveyed had someone help them with their housework, compared to 34 percent of male respondents. But women are the ones who often struggle with the double burden of family and work and should make more time for themselves. If this reticence has anything to with a lack of trust, then all the doubters have come to the right place. Because we have reliable and trustworthy household help for you.

Find your personal Tiger

Silvio M, 48 Berlin

Some people give me a strange look when they hear I work as a cleaning lady. But then when I tell them about my working conditions at BOOK A TIGER, they’re always surprised.

Maria I., 26, Venusberg, Bonn

The flexible hours, fair wages and regular training are one of a kind, I really love doing my job.

Victoria I., 31 Hamburg

I have a regular customer base, and it’s great when you can build up a relationship with your customers and they’re happy to see you.

Why to book a household help from BOOK A TIGER

A household help in your own four walls has a lot to do with trust. No one wants to let just anyone into their private sanctum, they have to a be reliable and trustworthy person. But how do you know that in advance, especially before the first cleaning? Many agencies for household services don’t send the same person every time. So how do you build up trust?

Your trust is important to us
To make it easier for you to trust your future household help, we have two approaches. On the one hand, we make sure to only employ and send you trustworthy and reliable cleaning ladies through our selection process. We test all applicants in a personal interview and through a trial cleaning.

They also have to provide us with a police record. Only when everything meets our high quality standards do the applicants become Tigers and can enjoy all the benefits of salaried employment, which adds to their motivation.
Another important factor in securing your trust is the option to always book the same household help. If you were especially pleased with one of our Tigers, then let us know that you always want the same household help in future. Due to their full employment with us, that’s no problem. And so in future, you can just let your cleaner get to work and don’t have to explain your special requirements time and time again. And of course we know that it’s easier to relax when you see a familiar face. If your personal Tiger is ever ill or on holiday, of course we’ll automatically send you a replacement for the appointment you booked.

Still not sure?

Enjoy your shiny office while saving time and effort. Once created, you can pause or cancel your booking at any time. We would be pleased to advice you personally.

Schwabing, Munich

I can manage my household on my own, but with BOOK A TIGER, I can spend time with my dog, go jogging, or try new recipes with my boyfriend. That's more fun for me.

Our full apartment cleaning service

A good household help is essential to cut down on stress. But the entire process surrounding the cleaning itself should be just right too, so you can truly relax. Because if the cleaner you booked doesn’t show up, there’s a mistake in the invoice or there’s no one to listen to your complaint, then the relaxation effect is ruined. And illegally employing a household help can be very stressful because it can be really expensive for you if the authorities ever find out. That’s why a simple service that’s legal and reliable is the perfect all-round solution.

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Your household help is legal and insured

Our Tigers are all properly employed, receive fair wages, are protected against dismissal and are entitled to paid holidays. That increases their motivation, which is reflected in a clean apartment, and you’re also on the safe side and don’t have to do anything else. What’s more, every household help that we send you has liability coverage – this is also for your protection. If something should get broken during one of our cleanings, our partner, Ergo Versicherung AG, will reimburse you for the damage. Another benefit of legal employment compared with the black market: you receive an invoice from us. You can use it to declare the cleaning costs as household-related services in your next annual tax return. That way, you can save up to twenty percent per year.

Book everything online with ease

And what do you have to do for a household help from BOOK A TIGER to come to your home? It’s simple: just provide us with your address and tell us how often you’d like us to come and when. Once we find a free appointment, then we’re ready to go. Your new support for your housework will visit you at the stated interval. However, if you ever want to skip or reschedule an appointment or if you need an additional cleaning, then you can always change, adapt or manage it on your personal profile – at home on your computer or wherever you are using our app on your smartphone. You can also download your invoices here.
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Do you have an issue you’d like to address?

You have a question or a problem? We always look forward to your feedback because we need it to continually improve our service. Therefore, you’re always welcome to get in touch with any issue you may have. The easiest way is to mail us at contact@bookatiger.com or to use our contact form. Alternatively, feel free to call us on our customer hotline from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm on: 030 30807403.