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BOOK A TIGER is a marketplace where customers and committed cleaners can get together and where the interests of both sides are represented. The customer gets easy, quick and - above all - affordable access to high quality cleaning services. The cleaners get a multitude of job offers with fair payment. Please find below our frequently asked questions.

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It takes approximately 3,5 hours to clean a mid-sized apartment. Please use this as a general guideline when making your booking. Of course the time it takes to clean can vary, depending on your individual housing situation. No matter if the cleaning takes more or less time than projected, we will find a solution.
After booking one of our Tigers through the website, you will receive a confirmation email. Here you have the possibility to check all order details. If you didn't receive a booking confirmation, please check your spam mail and contact our customer care afterwards.
Changes or cancellations made on short notice will lead to some service fees. More details can be found in our cancellation and reschedule policy.

No, of course you do not have to be at home. Our cleaning service aims at providing you with more freedom in your daily routine and not less. It just needs to be ensured that the cleaner can enter your apartment.
Please have all the important cleaning material allocated on the spot: Vacuum cleaner; mop with bucket; proper detergents; glass cleaner; unclogger; toilet cleaner; various cloths / sponges.
In case the cleaner needs less time to fulfill your order, you naturally only pay the actual hours of work. If she or he needs more time to clean your apartment according to our standards, you will be informed about that early enough and can decide if you want to hire the cleaner for longer than the projected time.


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