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We provide domestic helpers, housekeepers, and cleaners in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Whether you live with a partner, family, or flatmates - cleaning your apartment is a big issue for everyone. You'd rather spend your time doing more enjoyable things. That's when having to clean messes up your weekend plans. But what about simply hiring a cleaner for your home? You'll no longer have to have the same old discussions about things like taking out the rubbish, doing the dishes, or cleaning the windows. And cleaning is also often an issue at work. That's why we also offer office cleaning. No matter what size and what kind of commercial premises: Whether cubicles, a small firm, or a retail shop - we ensure your workplace is clean.

Our cleaning ladies and gentlemen

Franz K., 36 years, Berlin

I like my job, because you can see the result immediately: a clean apartment and thankful customers.

Maria P., 41 years, Frankfurt

Regular training and the solid customer base makes me feel like I'm not interchangeable.

Heike S., 33 years, Hamburg

I have always put emphasis on hygiene and order. Now I do it professionally. With flexible time management.

We are not a normal cleaning service, we're better

Looking for a good cleaning service can be time consuming and a hassle. Too complicated, too inflexible, or the quality is poor. And a cleaner from the black market is no real alternative, they are unreliable and uninsured. BOOK A TIGER now has the right solution for everyone.

The benefits of BOOK A TIGER:
We send a personal and professional cleaner to your home. Depending on how often you require the service, you can book a one or two-week plan. And it's not a problem if you need to cancel or need additional service. With us, the options are always flexible. Another advantage: you can easily and conveniently book online. No matter when, no matter where - contact us by accessing your personal profile and booking your cleaning service. You can also make further requests and leave comments here. With express booking, one of our Tigers can be at your door and ready to go in 24 hours. It's also not a problem if you don't have any cleaning products: our cleaners are happy to use TIGER Clean, our own cleaning product. You will of course always receive a proper invoice. You can manage it through your online access - so you have everything at a glance. You can also claim these invoices in your tax return and get back up to 20% of the costs.

Still not sure?

Enjoy your shiny office while saving time and effort. Once created, you can pause or cancel your booking at any time. We would be pleased to advice you personally.

Sascha K.

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

I can manage my household on my own, but with BOOK A TIGER, I can spend time with my dog, go jogging, or try new recipes with my girlfriend. A lot of fun for me.

We have been providing cleaners throughout Germany since 2014

In 2014, we set out to revolutionise the market for cleaning services. We send only professional cleaners to you who are registered, insured, and trained. We have also been offering comprehensive services in office cleaning and organisation with BOOK A TIGER Business since 2016.

BOOK A TIGER Reinigungskraft wischt

Who do we send to you?

Before we hire someone, there is a personal introductory interview with the applicant. This is how we inform them of our quality standards and principles face to face. We then have them perform a trial cleaning job to check thoroughness and skills. This is to ensure we are providing you with only the best service. We also comply with all formalities and contingencies, which means everything is taken care of for you. We accept only excellent references and complete papers from our professional cleaners. Moreover, all cleaning services are insured for damages up to a value of 3,000,000 euros. Our close cooperation with Ergo Versicherung AG ensures this. Quality and reliability are our top priorities and we make sure that our cleaners agree with this.

We place great emphasis on customer satisfaction.

You have booked and your cleaner is on their way to you. In addition to the basic standard cleaning service such as the important steps, tidying up, vacuuming floors, cleaning surfaces and more, our cleaners are also happy to take special requests. Apart from everything running smoothly, we also place value on customer satisfaction and open communication. Please tell us if you have special concerns or feedback regarding our service. Our customer service is available on weekdays by telephone as well as by email. We are working to constantly improve ourselves.
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What does BOOK A TIGER Business offer?

It's not only at home that we feel comfortable when everything's clean and tidy. Cleanliness also helps you feel more comfortable and productive at work. That's why it makes sense to hire professional cleaning in this area too. Since 2016, we have been offering office cleaning which is just as flexible as our services for private households. In addition, we also assist you with other tasks around the office. We also supply cleaning equipment, drinks, and fruit for the office. In addition, you can also book handymen from us, help with office moving, furniture assembly, and lock changing. Visit us at BOOK A TIGER Business and learn more.