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There’s a difference between looking clean and being clean. Because real cleanliness shouldn’t just be about making everything sparkle, but should also get rid of germs and pathogens. And most of all, that’s a question of using the right cleaning method. The 4-colour system was developed to provide real cleanliness, and all our cleaners follow it to the letter. Find out on this page how the system works and why it should always be applied.

Of course, you can always put cleaning your apartment into the capable hands of BOOK A TIGER and rely on us to clean your apartment according to the latest cleaning standards. Because when we clean, things don’t just look clean afterwards, they feel clean.

Our cleaning ladys in Nuremberg

Franz K., 36, Essen

Some people give me a strange look when they hear I work as a cleaning lady. But then when I tell them about my working conditions at BOOK A TIGER, they’re always surprised.

Maria P., 51, Berlin

The flexible hours, fair wages and regular training are one of a kind, I really love doing my job.

Carmen S., 28, Frankfurt

I have a regular customer base, and it’s great when you can build up a relationship with your customers and they’re happy to see you.

How the 4-colour system works

We always explain that our cleaners work according to the 4-colour system. That it’s more hygienic and adheres to the latest cleaning standards. But what does this actually entail and why is it really the best way to clean? Find out now!

How it works
The 4-colour system is based on the assumption that in each apartment, different areas have specific kinds of dirt that need to be cleaned with different cleaning utensils. For instance, the cloth that was used to clean the bathroom shouldn’t be used in the kitchen. Of course, the cloths don’t have to be colour-coded, but it is an enormous help to avoid mixing them up. That’s why experts advise using four different colours for the four different areas in an apartment: Red = toilet and the surrounding tiles, Yellow = basin, shelves, mirror, shower / bathtub, Blue = living area, Green = kitchen To not just clean hygienically, but also efficiently, the cleaning order is crucial. Therefore, the least dirty areas should come first: first the living room and bedroom with the blue cloth. The same cleaning water can be used for both.

That saves time and resources. With the exception of washing up, cold water should always be used for cleaning because bacteria can multiply more easily in warm water. Then the kitchen is up next using a green cloth, and finally the bathroom using red and yellow.

Still not sure?

Enjoy your shiny office while saving time and effort. Once created, you can pause or cancel your booking at any time. We would be pleased to advice you personally.

Andreas and Maike L.


Now we have a young child, our place gets a lot dirtier than when it was just the two of us. But I’d rather spend my free time with my family than keep having to clean. Since we started using BOOK A TIGER, that’s not a problem any more. Maria comes once a week and helps me with the housework. She’s thorough, reliable and loves children – in a nutshell: she’s worth her weight in gold.

When we clean, the result isn’t just clean, but germ-free

Cleaning properly is no trivial matter. Because if you want it to not just look clean, but really be clean, you need more than just a cloth and a bit of water. Besides the 4-colour system we just described, choosing the right cleaning agent is equally important. A professional cleaner should know all that. We make sure that our Tigers have this knowledge.

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The right cleaning agent makes all the difference

Besides the different colours for separate areas within the apartment, different materials and dirt particles require specific cleaning agents. The main categories are alkaline, neutral and acidic. Acidic cleaning agents are generally used for limescale, while alkaline agents are particularly useful for removing fat. But not all cleaning agents are suitable for every kind of material. When in doubt, a neutral cleaner is the preferred choice because it can be used on any material. However, it doesn’t clean as effectively.

Trained cleaners know the difference

Our cleaning ladies and men are put to the test before we employ them. In a personal interview and a trial cleaning, they have to convince us of their motivation and their skills. If they succeed and we employ them, they undergo regular training at our TIGER Academy. Here, we teach them the 4-colour system if they didn’t know it beforehand, and much more. They learn which cleaning agents are best suited for which types of material or dirt, how to handle wood and also how to iron clothes properly. That way, we not only ensure that your apartment is cleaned hygienically, but also that nothing is damaged in the process.
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You’re doing everything right when you choose us

Besides professionally trained employees, we offer a lot more with our service. With us, you always remain flexible and can easily reschedule, cancel or add cleaning appointments. What’s more, every cleaning is covered by liability insurance. So if something does end up damaged, it’s covered up to an amount of €3,000,000. You can also always contact our customer service if you have any issue you want us to address. You can reach us on 030 30807403 or via email