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| | | |----------------|--------------| |It's not always easy to find the right cleaner for your home. Many offers are too inflexible, of a lesser quality or simply illegal. But your search is made easier by BOOK A TIGER. You can find a cleaning lady in every area of Basel easily and online. Whether you're in St Johann, Matthäus, Gundeldingen or Rosental, you can find the right help for your home with us.| Simply enter your postcode and choose the cleaning schedule that works for you. 24 hours later your new cleaning lady is at your front door and will come every week or every two weeks. However you want!

Try out our services and redeem a voucher for your first cleaning appointment.|

Our cleaning ladys in Basel

Christine P., 60 years, Basel, St. Johann

It is great, if you after the house cleaning have seen what you have done. Even nicer if the customer is happy.

Lena T., 25 years, Basel, Matthäus

The best job next to my studies - free time division and a fair wage.

Franz B., 51 years, Basel, Rosental

I like to work with BOOK A TIGER: When cleaning I can pump out properly and is paid for it fair.

Your reliable cleaning lady in Basel with BOOK A TIGER

We want to help you to find a reliable and appropriate cleaning lady for your needs in Basel and the surrounding area. We know that in order to be satisfied with your cleaner there are many factors that are taken into account. In addition to the quality of the cleaning, reliability and punctuality also play a role. It is important for some people that the domestic help is comfortable with pets. With us you will find the right cleaning lady for you.

BOOK A TIGER – We don't send just anyone
Cleaning your home is not just a question of being thorough but also one of trust. After all, you wouldn't let just anyone into your home. We carefully review our staff before we employ them, so you can feel comfortable with your cleaning lady.

Our multi-stage selection process includes a personal interview and test cleaning session. Our candidates must be able to convince us of their motivation and abilities.
We ensure that our Tigers pay attention to detail, can communicate well and that customer satisfaction is as important to them as it is to us. A high-level of trust is crucial, so our Tigers must also have an impeccable criminal record. In order for all our employees to offer a consistently high quality, our cleaning staff are regularly trained at the TIGER Academy. Combined with regular feedback sessions, we can ensure that we only send motivated, trained and reliable cleaning ladies to your home.

Still not sure?

Enjoy your shiny office while saving time and effort. Once created, you can pause or cancel your booking at any time. We would be pleased to advice you personally.

Klara & Thomas


The quality of BOOK A TIGER convinced us. Our new cleaning lady is thorough and reliable. Nice, that there is finally a good cleaning service, which is also so uncomplicated to book.

That's why you should book a cleaning lady in Basel with BOOK A TIGER

It's not just our cleaning ladies that are trained and motivated. The rest of the BOOK A TIGER team is working constantly to make cleaning your home as simple and straightforward as possible for you. They start as soon as you book your cleaning lady in Basel and don't just finish when your home is clean.

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Organise everything online easily

For your first BOOK A TIGER cleaning lady to be at your door, you don't need to do much. Simply enter your address and choose a cleaning time to suit you - and ready to go. And, if you ever want to cancel an appointment or book an additional one, you can do this at any time as easy as making a booking or managing your invoices. You can view these online after every cleaning appointment via your private profile page and you can also download them. This means that you can easily organise all the details from home. Or on the road, because of course everything can be accessed from your smartphone via our app.|

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We are happy to help with any questions or problems

Have a question or wish to make a complaint about our service? There are a number of ways for you to contact us. Is your question for your cleaning lady? Then use the chat function in your personal profile area on BOOK A TIGER and communicate directly with your Tiger. Of course, for general questions, suggestions or problems our customer service team can be contacted on 0435 083 859 or via email. Contact us and we'll take care of it.|15 Mopp2 -14|

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Insured cleaning acitivites

Trained, motivated staff and good customer service are just two of the cornerstones to satisfaction. It is important to us that every cleaning appointment for BOOK A TIGER is carried out safely. Mishaps can happen and of course you should not be expected to cover the costs of any damages incurred. Nor will you. Each member of our cleaning team is insured with our partner ZURICH. So, if one of our employees should cause any damage this is covered up to CHF 5,000,000.

BOOK A TIGER's quality has convinced us. Our new cleaning gem is thorough and reliable. It's great that there is finally a cleaning service that is so easy to book.|