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Customized cleaning services made by professionals

  • Individually tailored cleaning solutions
  • High quality standards, thanks to professionally trained cleaners
  • Tailored object mapping
  • Centralized cost control and invoicing
  • Digital management via web or app

Why are we different?

We can also provide other services related to your workplace: be it cleaning materials or hygiene products - we make sure that you never lack anything. In addition, you can also book various trade services and miscellaneous supplies from us.

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  • Work desk & equipment

  • Doing the dishes

  • Restrooms

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Doormats

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Restroom supplies

  • Coffee machines


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Simple cleanliness, with TIGER Clean

When you choose us, you’re not just getting cleaning help for your home or office. Above and beyond this, we also ensure that you never run out of suitable cleaning products. Whether it's an all-purpose cleaner for glass, tiles and flooring, or a bathroom cleaner - with our TIGER kit, you'll be getting everything you need.

Benefits of TIGER Clean
Apart from cleaning personnel, we also offer our own cleaning products. Under the name TIGER Clean, we offer eco-friendly and highly concentrated cleaning products. Currently, we are offering all purpose cleaners and bathroom cleaners for trade and individuals, too. Our cleaning ladies clean and maintain natural and artificial stone, hard floors, tiles, ceramics, plastics, glass, painted and enamelled surfaces. The scent is pleasantly subtle and not at all harsh as is the case with many other cleaning products. Another benefit: The cleaning products can be conveniently delivered and you needn't bother with the hassle of buying them yourself. Simply order a Tiger Kit online.

Our happy clients

“BOOK A TIGER Business is a trustful partner for us. We operate multiple objects and offices in Berlin, and thanks to the digital customer account, I have all services, cleaning plans and costs centralized. With the app I can message the workforce on the ground to leave instructions on a short-notice.”

Happy customers about BOOK A TIGER

— Alexander, Head of Operations

Still not sure?

Enjoy your shiny office while saving time and effort. Once created, you can pause or cancel your booking at any time. We would be pleased to advice you personally.

Not just delivering cleaning products

A good office cleaning doesn't just end with a little vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the toilets. Using the matching cleaning utensils is of great importance, too. For this reason, and in order to save your time, we can ensure that everything you need is available, if you would like.

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Trolleys, vacuum cleaners and Co.

Apart from our cleaning products, we are happy to provide you with trolleys, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning machines. Especially young companies often have only once no cleaning equipment in the office. Sometimes, however, a commercially available vacuum cleaner is not really suitable for the floor surface. No problem, we take care that all the right equipment is there that is needed to clean your office. |

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Not just cleanliness, but hygiene, too, is important

Our employees regularly attend to your toilet rooms and will often be the first to see when something needs to be resupplied. We'll be happy to bring you all the sanitary utensils you need, automatically, before your stocks are exhausted. Without you having to lift a finger, we supply your office with hand soap, toilet paper, towels and other hygienic products.|04 Staubsauger 0942|

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Anything else?

A clean office is important in terms of its positive external effect, and helps employees feel better. What's more, co-workers are often happy to have some fruit available. If you'd like to provide your employees an extra vitamin boost for better motivation and health in your office, then we'll be happy to supply that, too. You can conveniently order this service, just like all our other services, through your online profile on our website.|

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