BOOK A TIGER is a marketplace, which helps you to find your personal cleaning professional and to manage your cleaning appointments. This service is also available in your customer login, as well as in the BOOK A TIGER App. We fully understand, that there might appear some questions on the way to your first cleaning appoitnment, but also afterwards. Therefore we hope, that the following most frequent question help you to overcome the final obstacles.

Booking and Order

It takes approximately 3,5 hours to clean a mid-sized apartment. Please use this as a general guideline when making your booking. Of course the time it takes to clean can vary, depending on your individual housing situation. No matter if the cleaning takes more or less time than projected, we will find a solution.
After booking one of our Tigers through the website, you will receive a confirmation email. Here you have the possibility to check all order details. If you didn't receive a booking confirmation, please check your spam mail and contact our customer care afterwards.
Changes or cancellations made on short notice will lead to some service fees. More details can be found in our cancellation and reschedule policy.
The cleaners on our platform are available seven days a week between 6am and 11pm. Please let us know if you need a cleaning service outside of these hours. We will do our best to fulfill your request.
Generally, we need 48 hours to process your booking, clarify all the details and find the right cleaner for you. In case you need the BOOK A TIGER service on really short notice, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything that is possible to carry out your order.

The cleaning process

No, of course you do not have to be at home. Our service aims towards providing you with more freedom in your daily routine and not less. It just needs to be ensured that the cleaner can enter your apartment and for the payment to be taken care of, if necessary in advance.
Please have all the important cleaning supplies at hand: Vacuum cleaner; mop with bucket; all-purpose cleaner; glass cleaner; lime scale and calcium deposit remover; toilet cleaner; various cloths / sponges.
In case the cleaner needs significantly less time to fulfill your order, you will naturally only pay the actual worked hours. If more time is needed to clean your apartment according to our standards, you will be informed about that early enough and can decide if you want to hire your cleaner for longer than the projected time.
Shortly after the completion of your cleaning order, you get an email from our customer service and are asked to give us feedback, so we can continuously improve our service. In case you have any remarks in between, we are looking forward to hear them. Call 0720 880 499 or send an email to kontakt-at@bookatiger.com.
In case you are not completely satisfied with the work of the cleaning professional, please get in touch with us - we'll find a solution!

Cleaning Agents

All cleaners on our platform have to pass a multi-stage selection process before they can start working for our customers. We personally talk to each and every applicant, check their qualifications in a test cleaning and ensure security through collecting a clean police clearance certificate.
Please let us know that you would prefer an English-speaking cleaner in the comment field of your booking. We will do our best to find a cleaner with the required skills.
Generally, it can be easily arranged to have the same cleaner cleaning for you on a regular basis. If you are very satisfied with the work of the cleaner you booked, just let us know and we will organize the regular cleaning of your apartment. In case your preferred PROFESSIONAL is exceptionally not available to carry out your order, we will definitely seek out another qualified cleaning agent for you.
Either you can apply directly on our website, send an email to jobs@bookatiger.com or you call 0720 880 506 to discuss further details.
It is self-evident that all cleaners are keen to completely fulfill all of your requirements. In case of damage the cleaner takes full responsibility. In this case we will naturally help you and the cleaner with words and deeds. Please call 0720 880 499 or send an email to kontakt-at@bookatiger.com to get in touch with the customer service.

Price and Invoice

The cleaning service from BOOK A TIGER can be booked starting from 15.90 € per hour. The minimum time you can book a cleaning professional for is 2,5 hours.
Yes, the value added tax is already included in the price. However, a lot of the cleaners on our platform are small businesswomen / businessmen and do not have to pay purchase tax. Thus, the purchase tax is not accounted for in the invoice.
You can choose whether you wish to pay online via PayPal, credit card or direct debit directly in the online booking process or in cash on-site after the execution of your order.
You will receive an email containing a detailed invoice 24h after the execution of your order to the email address you provided upon booking.
Of course you can tip the cleaner. However, you are in no way expected to do so.